Mobile device for secure transactions, private data handling and storage

@MAXX® ID-1 benefits

• Convenient , portable secure smart token • Integrated ID1 contact chip card reader and on board flash memory • Smart card based secure identification and authentication • Secure private data processing and storage • PC/SC compatible drivers Windows(TR) (incl. Win7), MacOS, Linux • Customization options: Logo, casing colour*


@MAXX® ID-1offers on board flash memory, along with smart card based security and functionality. Plugged into any free USB port, this mobile device offers secure high-performance and cost-efficient handling of sensitive data. The built-in smart card reader and on-board memory makes @MAXX® ID-1 the ideal device for implementing numerous secure applications such as e-Banking, e-Government, web service access.

Due to its compact design the @MAXX® ID1 is ideally suited as a portable device which easily fits into the users pocket or key ring.

Application examples

• Easy deployment of applications stored in on board memory • Booting into secure environments and secure processing of sensitive data • Data encryption on hard disk and applications • Secure log on to PCs, networks and web services • Secure password and user profile storage and processing • Digital signing of emails, documents and transactions

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