Mifare Easy OEM

The MIFARE Easy Reader Board Family is a convenient and cost-efficient solution for systems integrators and terminal manufacturers looking for a secure and scalable option for use in cashless payment applications. Featuring read/write capability, MIFARE Easy Reader Boards are designed to be easily integrated into compact terminals or mobile units, making them an ideal solution for use in Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), ticket vending machines, validators, card printers, mobile solutions and various other cashless payment devices.

· Optimized to read/write to MIFARE and ISO 14443A standard cards
· Supports the complete portfolio of ISO14443A tag ICs
· Minimized integration costs
· Future proof due to firmware upgrade capability
· Device can be easily connected to a controller or any host system via serial interface
· Two alternative protocols for all components
· Full access to data of contactless memory cards

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